Thursday, July 20, 2017

Book Review: Bubblegum by Sari Taurez

Bubblegum by Sari Taurez 
Publication Date: October 9, 2017

Format: E-Book (ARC)
Genres: New Adult - Action - Dystopian - LGBT

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My Rating: ★★


Tiana is your typical pampered young twenty-something with a love for expensive shoes, hot guys, and murder.

Status means the difference between life and death in this society. For Tiana, she’s never had anything to worry about - that is until her mother cuts her off from the family riches. Luckily she’s got good prospects ahead: a job that could make her a killing.

Her first client: Julia, a lower-class I.T girl that finds life can be tough for those who can’t afford to call the police. When the orphanage where Julia volunteers is targeted by the infamous brothel-owner Bobby Nails, Tiana is excited to take the job. But when she discovers Bobby Nails has a full army of mercenaries at his disposal, Tiana wonders if she may be in over her head.

Tiana and Julia face an unexpected adventure as they seek vengeance against the elusive Nails. Their adventures lead them not only to their target, but to a partnership stronger than any of their differences. But will it be enough to stop Nails and save the orphans from a terrible fate?

About the Author:

Sari Taurez lives in Arizona with her wife, daughter, cat and two dogs. In her free time she crochets, paints, collects Star Trek action figures, and plays video games.

A film school graduate, Sari strives to make every novel feel like an action movie. 
Sari is an advocate for LGBT rights, and strives to create thrilling adventures with LGBT characters.

Check out her Website / GoodReads / Twitter!

My Review:

*I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Bubblegum sure as heck is a wild ride!

The cover art is perfect because this book reads a lot like a high-action comic book. The main character, Tiana, is something of a self-proclaimed vigilante for hire in a mess of a futuristic dystopian world. Instead of getting a main character who really cares about the terrible things the police or government are doing, Taurez gives us a girl who sees a way to work the system. Want to see the human trafficking stopped? Well I can do that, for a fee. The book is somewhat episodic as Tiana and her accumulated crew take on different jobs that are all in some way taking down the criminal empire run by Bobby Nails.

It's so refreshing to read a thoroughly awful leading lady. I mean that! There are next to no redeeming qualities in Tiana and I love it! How often do you get a twisted, edgy guy who has no redemption arc? Well here you've got a high-heel loving rich girl with a hot pink gun named Bubblegum who is willing to sell out just about anyone for a buck. Simply delightful, I tell you.

Not to say that the book is static. There's a great (and diverse!) cast of side characters that work their way into Tiana's life. While I found Julia a little bland, Ruby and William were likable and dynamic. And not to say that Tiana's indifference doesn't come to bite her on the spoilers, though!

If you're looking for an action story with a good dose of feminism and diversity, this is your book!

Diversity Score: Supporting gay and trans characters (+1), Supporting character of color (+1) = 2

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