Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Year in Review 2017

I love GoodReads because it filters my right-brained reading into my left brained love of organization and statistics. Who doesn't love looking at the breakdowns of GR's Year in Books.

Because I take such meticulous notes of everything, I decided to go a step further and do my own Year in Review: 2017!

First, a breakdown of Books Read Per Month. Out of a total of 63 books:

Genres and Age Demographic. My genres are fairly consistent over the years (except I only read two plays this year!) and the bulk of my reading was YA.

Publication Year and Rating. I try to read a lot of books published within the year, which I kept with, but surprisingly, no classics this year! The earliest books were Angels in America, 1992 and 1993. As for rating, oh my, do I love to give 3 stars!

I had a good mix of Series vs. Stand Alone, but my Format was wildly skewed to E-Books! A lot were ARCs from publishers, and I also read a lot more indie books from Amazon this year. Here's a graph for my Sources, too.

Now let's talk diversity. For Gender of Author, I read mostly female authors, but The Gender of the Main Character was heavily skewed to men.

Well, I get an F for Cultural and Ethnic Diversity. That will have to be a goal for 2018.

The biggest one I was personally interested in was sexuality and gender identity diversity. I changed gears this year and made a huge focus on reviewing LGBTQIA+ literature. As anyone who tries to do this has probably realized, though, is that there is a huge propensity to exploitive literature written by (primarily) cis women about gay men. So here's my LGBTQIA+ Diversity and Own Voices breakdown, as well as a more detailed look into the LGBTQIA+ Spread.

Did anyone else do a 2017 reading breakdown? Post a link below! I'd love to compare!


  1. I love looking at all these stats. I did some graphs for 2017, but I'm tracking things a lot more closely in 2018 so I can do more!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I love seeing people’s reading graphs. It looks like you had a good reading year. I’m also tracking diversity and hoping to get better about reading stuff that isn’t written by white American people.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!