Friday, April 24, 2015

Meet The Blogger

Welcome aboard everyone! This is the blog of Nina, a twenty-something from Somewhere-Cold Massachusetts. Why not break the ice with some facts about myself?

  1. I stage manage for a living.
  2. I cook Italian, which means my blood is part garlic.
  3. I'm 5'1" which is too short to reach my own bookshelves.
  4. I ski. Might as well make use of the cold.
  5. Books are reviewed to a soundtrack of Foxy Shazam or Alkaline Trio.
  6. I am allergic to wheat and tomatoes. And yes, I still cook Italian.
  7. I drink sugary girly coffees, but they are coffees nonetheless.
  8. My boyfriend plays guitar and is trying to teach me. In exchange, accepts that he has a girlfriend that reads.
  9. My hair changes color a lot. My favorite has been bubblegum pink.
  10. I am the daughter of a librarian. Bet you never guessed that, huh?

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